Graybrook Studio
   Graybrook Studio is located in Union, Maine, 15 minutes from Camden. Situated in a quiet, country setting on a dead end road. The studio is a peaceful place to explore your musical creativity.  Working with Grammy Award winning producers/engineers Corin Nelsen and Bob Tassi, Graybrook Studio is equipped to provide excellent production quality for your project.
Graybrook Studio is available for recording direct to digital using the latest software. Complete services include tracking, mixing, mastering, cover design and production. Owned and operated by Scott Harris, Graybrook Studio was designed and constructed over a period of 4 years. The studio was modeled after the Auralex guidelines. 
Graybrook Studio has the capability to record live bands and utilizes a large live room and an isolated drum booth. Please browse through our site for more information, or contact us directly at:


Scott is... "The Compassionate Einstein of the Studio" 
It has been a pleasure to work with Scott on several music projects over the years. He has a gift of bringing the best out in a song, a great listening ear, and he has the wisdom to take the bits and pieces of musical loose ends, and craft them together to form a wonderful, greater work. The studio is light and airy - very professional - and a lot of fun.
Fay Christy